October 30, 2020


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Internal investigation at Brussels Airlines on far-reaching …

Internal investigation at Brussels Airlines on far-reaching ...

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Brussels Airlines has opened an internal investigation after the airline received complaints about harassment, bullying and transgressive behavior within a certain group of its employees. This writes “La Libre Belgique” and the company confirms the investigation. The complaints are taken very seriously: there is a zero tolerance policy towards what it sounds like this type of behavior.

An interview with the employees who claim to be victims has already taken place and the allegations turned out to be grave. According to an internal communication from Brussels Airlines, which reported to the Belga news agency, it has been decided to launch a neutral and in-depth investigation. Insight into. The research was entrusted to Lufthansa, the parent company of Brussels Airlines. In this way, no person in the company can influence the investigation.

Brussels Airlines urges its employees to report whether they feel they are victims of inappropriate behavior in the workplace. A procedure has been put in place within the company according to which the strictest confidentiality standards apply. The unions are aware.

In the deliberate investigation reported by La Libre, employees in that department have been temporarily released from their positions. This was done in mutual consultation in order to guarantee the neutrality of the research. However, this temporary suspension is not a punitive measure, management emphasizes. The necessary measures are taken against the victims and the perpetrators. They don’t want to make any further comments on Thursday “until the investigation is over”.