May 17, 2021


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Inspection: Many mobile scaffolding are uncertain, “worrying picture”

There is a lot wrong with the use of mobile scaffolding. The supervisory authority SZW recently inspected 270 mobile scaffolding and 251 revealed unsafe situations. “Then there was a risk of falling or the scaffolding was built incorrectly,” says Labor Inspector Michel Schenk.

Falling from a rolling scaffold is one of the most common accidents in construction. The scaffolding was used for construction, painting and maintenance work. Most of the violations, according to the inspection, were committed by painters.

The inspectors encountered unstable scaffolding, which increases the risk of falling. Scaffolding was also found where the wheels weren’t on the brakes.

“Alarming picture”

It is not the first time that the supervisory authority has drawn attention to the risk of falling from the mobile scaffolding. Nevertheless, the numbers continue to paint a worrying picture, says Schenk. According to him, the legislation is strict enough, “but we cannot stand behind every lamppost”.

When it comes to inspection, the main responsibility lies with the companies, who must ensure that their employees are safely seated on the scaffolding.

Fines for improper use of the scaffolding can run into thousands of euros, but in many cases the case will be closed first. Incidentally, the supervisory authority can only impose fines if it actually sees someone working on scaffolding.