January 21, 2021


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ING employees can work partially from home NOW even after the corona crisis

ING employees can work partially from home NOW even after the corona crisis

Even after the corona crisis, ING’s more than 53,000 employees can still do some of their work from home. CEO Steven van Rijskwijk said this in an interview with the media on Wednesday. “It is clear that there will be a different balance than with Corona,” he explains the future of his employees. He expects that about half of the work can be done from home.

Currently, 80 percent of all ING employees work from home as the corona virus is in a second or even third revival in many countries. Today’s experience shows that a lot is possible in the area of ​​remote work.

This will also change the role of office space and how it is arranged, explains Van Rijswijk. “It could become like a football canteen. You first meet in a group for informal discussions in the office and then go home to continue working.”

According to the CEO, it is not a rule that ING employees can work 50 percent from home, but a “basic assumption”. The bank is currently investigating which guidelines can be applied in eight countries. Attention is also paid to the regulations in the different countries in which the bank operates.

The big bank is behind a growing number of companies that want their employees to do some of their work at home on a permanent basis. Telecommunications company KPN reported Tuesday that it was looking into whether this could be done with fewer offices. Large American tech companies, including Microsoft and Twitter, have also announced plans for the future that will make working from home a regular part of the work week.

Expects more work because of problematic corporate clients

Where ING expects more work next year is the special management department that accommodates corporate clients with acute financial problems. There is currently no additional workload in this department, but the bank has already deployed additional staff for this purpose.

According to Van Rijswijk, support measures from the government and banks continue to ensure that business customers stay afloat despite the second lockdown. “It is still a little early for an increase in special management. The banks’ payment breaks often last until the end of this year and in some cases even longer.”

Since the corona crisis, ING itself has given customers around the world around 200,000 payment holidays. Around 60 percent of this was accounted for by business customers and 40 percent by households. This shift was particularly granted in April shortly after the first global corona outbreak.