October 27, 2020


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“ING closes quarter of offices in the Netherlands”

"ING closes quarter of offices in the Netherlands"


Bank ING will close a quarter of all branches in the Netherlands and replace them with so-called “service points”. This is reported by the newspaper Algemeen Dagblad.

ING currently has 170 stores in the Netherlands, 42 of which would be closed. “The Corona crisis has accelerated the bank’s long-term plan,” says Chief Executive Ruud van Dusschoten. According to the bank, due to the Corona crisis, customers have increasingly become internet banking and are hardly using the branches any more, as they Lockdown Open. “There are offices where an average of two to three customers come per hour. That’s very little,” van Dusschoten says.

The bank’s staff were informed of the operation on Thursday evening and there would be no forced redundancies.