October 30, 2020


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Increasingly, people are referring to the workplace as the source of the contamination corona NOW

Increasingly, people are referring to the workplace as the source of the contamination corona NOW

The percentage of people who test positive for corona who suspect they may be infected at work has increased in recent weeks. The RIVM reported on Tuesday a percentage of 11.1 percent compared to 9.5 percent the week before. After the domestic situation, the workplace is mentioned most frequently today.

According to a spokesman, RIVM does not differentiate between the sectors in which people believe they have been infected while at work. Prime Minister Mark Rutte reiterated during his last press conference that people should work from home as much as possible.

“We see that a significant part of the corona infections is due to the work situation,” said a spokesman for the prime minister when asked. Working from home is part of the basic rules for controlling the number of corona infections, according to the spokesman. “Just like washing your hands.”

Not going to work not only reduces the risk of employees getting infected. “It also leads to less movement in public spaces.” Not only in public transport, but also at petrol stations. “Working from home is an important measure to reduce the number of infections. The work situation can be a source of fire.”

The percentage actually decreased

At the end of July and the beginning of August, the work situation was named more frequently with 12.2 and 13.4 percent respectively than the place where the infection would have occurred than today. Since then, the percentage in the August 25 report has dropped sharply to 6 percent. After that, it has risen to 11.1 percent every week, more than one in ten.

“The measure to work from home as much as possible was announced on March 12th to prevent the spread of the virus and has never been withdrawn,” said the RIVM spokesman. “It’s a combination of measures that have been shown to be effective. Now that the number of infections is rising again, they are being re-emphasized.”

Road traffic is only 6 percent below normal

According to the RIVM spokesman, working from home when possible is relatively easy. “What you can see is that it works. It is an often mentioned environment among infected people now.” Incidentally, an average of around a quarter of those who tested positive mentioned a possible source of infection.

How many people still work from home and how many people go to work or not regularly are not recorded anywhere. However, data from the Rijkswaterstaat show that traffic on the road network is only 6 percent below the previous year.