January 23, 2021


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In Singapore, Boeing 737 MAX | not yet allowed NOW

In Singapore, Boeing 737 MAX | not yet allowed NOW

Singapore does not yet allow flights on the offensive Boeing 737 MAX. Only when all authorities have sufficient confidence in the safety of the aircraft will it be used again for commercial flights. This is reported by the Singapore Civil Aviation Authority (CAAS).

CAAS gives the Singapore Airlines Group’s regional office permission to fly the six aircraft stored in Australia back to Singapore. You have been there since March 2019. One of the planes has already arrived in Singapore. However, the aircraft are not currently used for commercial flights.

Flying the MAX has been banned since March 2019, as two fatal crashes occurred with aircraft of this type within a short period of time. In these disasters with flights of the Indonesian Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines 346 people were killed. After an investigation, it turned out that the disasters were caused by a faulty security system.

The American airline American Airlines carried out another passenger flight with the Boeing 737 MAX on Tuesday.