October 27, 2020


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Important step towards Boeing 737 MAX approval

Important step towards Boeing 737 MAX approval

The American aviation authority FAA has published a long list of requirements that the Boeing 737 MAX must meet in order to return to the air. This is an important step to get permission to fly the troubleshooter again.

Aircraft of this type have been on the ground with over 346 deaths after two crashes for over a year. Operating system problems played a crucial role in the crash, but should have been fixed. Finally, the FAA appears to be convinced of Boeing’s efforts to remedy the device’s technical shortcomings.

Formally, other parties now have 45 days to comment on the FAA’s list of requirements. Approval of the 737 MAX should follow. The aircraft will probably not have the necessary permits again until October at the earliest. As airlines also have to retrain pilots and perform maintenance on their fleets, it can take weeks or months longer for the aircraft to actually carry passengers again.