October 28, 2020


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I threw stones at the Utrecht Inland working class

I threw stones at the Utrecht Inland working class

The insurgency services were mobilized en masse, particularly in the working-class district of Ondiep in the north-west of the city. When riot services are pelted with stones, they urge bystanders, including two young girls, to go home immediately or stay inside.

Small clumps of young people scream together in the street. Fireworks were also reported to have been fired at security services. A scooter went up in flames. The fire was quickly extinguished under the supervision of the riot police. In the Heemstedelaan in Hoograven, police officers were also pelted with stones, reports the community. A ban has also been imposed in certain areas of this district. Those who do not run away can then be arrested.

In the Zuilen district of Utrecht, the police and the mobile unit with many units also went through the neighborhood because groups of young people were causing problems. An emergency ordinance has come into effect on a number of streets in the Zuilen district and on the outskirts of Ondiep district, according to a spokesman. This enables the police to arrest people who have no business there.

In Amersfoort, Mayor Lucas Bolsius announced an emergency order for the statue of De Stier on the edge of the center on Monday evening. Dozens of young people and adults were there Monday night following calls for riot. There is a risk of blowing up things and causing chaos in app groups and messages.

There is a lot going on around

There is a lot going on around “De Stier” in Amersfoort.

Fear of “great disorder”

There were many police officers in the city of Utrecht. Participants were asked to go home with the megaphone. The emergency order announced on Monday evening was “in the spacious surroundings” of the square where the locally famous bull statue by Amersfoort artist Thijs Trompert is located. It was also part of the Kruiskamp district, the municipality reports, “because of severe disorder”. “If you live in the area, please stay indoors, if you don’t live in the area please go.”

According to pictures from local photographers, at least one arrest has been made so far. That would have happened after fireworks went off. The police are afraid of interference because social media such as Instagram are called upon to do so. It has been uneasy for days, especially in Utrecht and The Hague: dozens of young people, mostly of Moroccan descent, have been arrested.

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