October 30, 2020


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“Hundreds of people stopped at the border with the corona”

"Hundreds of people stopped at the border with the corona"

Photo: ANP

In the first seven months of this year, the Royal Marechaussee has turned away almost 1,000 people at the Dutch external borders. Of these, 302 were returned due to entry restrictions due to the corona. This is reported by De kup at the request of the newspaper. Most of the people sent back because of the coronavirus were from the United States.

“We have our hands full with the denials and investigations at the border because of the Covid 19 rules,” a spokesman told De kup. “We are also inundated with questions from travellers who no longer know what is allowed and what is not.”

Police say they continue to focus on abuse. “Because travelers often try to outwit us. But if the documents are not in order, we have to send people back inexorably,” the spokesman said.

Since this week, the Marechaussee has been particularly busy because Dutch people can leave their friend in the Netherlands with foreign love. “But only if we are presented with receipts, declarations and guarantees upon arrival and can be verified.”