January 19, 2021


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Horeca issues ultimatum: “We will open on January 17th” | inland

Horeca issues ultimatum: "We will open on January 17th" | inland

Due to the corona measures, catering companies have been closed for more than six weeks. A perspective has not yet been offered and the additional government support has been delayed for far too long, according to KHN. The last straw, however, was the “careless” statement by Minister Hugo de Jonge that “we must assume that the partial lockdown will really last longer than until mid-January”.

De Jonge’s statement about the duration of the second lockdown would have been made without the knowledge of the House of Representatives and the sector organizations. According to KHN, all forms of future prospects have suddenly been completely blown away. “Lock the door for another month and a half. When it comes to gastronomy, the water no longer reaches your lips, but now flows into your mouth, ”says Johan de Vos, Deputy Chairman of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland, Breda Department.

Bankruptcy threatens

De Vos states that it was not intended to get the news out yet, but that the press release shows that there is a great need for catering entrepreneurs from across the country. “Most entrepreneurs see bankruptcy too closely. The cupboard really has to do something now, to create clarity. Otherwise we will find ourselves in a situation in which many catering entrepreneurs have nothing to lose. “

If the government doesn’t adjust support for catering companies, there will be no other way to open the doors on January 17th, according to Breda catering boss. “Otherwise 50 percent of entrepreneurs in this wonderful industry will go bankrupt.” He cannot yet say exactly what such a reopening will look like. “We don’t want to fully anticipate this just yet, but the fact that this message has been formulated by a very large number of hotel entrepreneurs will very quickly indicate the great need for clarity for our industry.”

According to the draft press release, the reopening will go through the protocols drawn up by KHN earlier and approved by the government. The trade association emphasizes that everyone’s health came first and still is. “After the first lockdown, the catering industry did everything to ensure the health and safety of our guests. This was confirmed by the figures from the RIVM. Gastronomy only had a share of 2.6%. “

Respect for care

In the embassy they also express their respect for all healthcare workers in the Netherlands. “We support you completely. We see what you are doing at this special time and help where possible. For example, through the commitment of our employees in the healthcare sector and through strict adherence to our protocols. “

According to KHN, efforts have been made for months to develop solutions and protocols to guide the hospitality industry through the corona crisis in consultation with the government. “After 8 months we have to take stock with the sad conclusion that” together “was zero. Where the local authorities have generally tried to support the catering industry in every possible way, the cabinet here has failed hopelessly. “

The campaign to reopen in the new year is supported by catering establishments in numerous cities and regions, including in the entire regions of North Holland, Brabant and Limburg North, Central and South.

Rutte: no promise

Prime Minister Rutte replied in his weekly press conference that “it is impossible for someone to break the rules”. A reopening is only possible if this is justified. He says he understands that gastronomy has a hard time. ,,Awful. That is also the goal of all these support packages, to help the companies through the misery as well as possible in this situation. “

A promise to reopen is not possible, according to Rutte. “We must try from the cabinet to do everything we can to lead the country through this crisis as well as possible. For this, the restaurant business has to be closed now, and of course I would like to reopen these wonderful companies soon, but I can’t make a promise now, that’s just not possible. “