December 4, 2020


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“Homeowner wants to keep old house for rent” | money

"Homeowner wants to keep old house for rent" | money

This is what De Hypothekekshop reports. According to the advisory chain, this is due to the low interest rates on savings. Many Dutch people look for an investment that still pays a return and then get real estate. That is why more and more private investors are active in the real estate market.

Private landlord

According to the land registry, the number of owners of two houses and from three to five houses has risen sharply since 2009. In some popular neighborhoods, every fifth house is owned by a private landlord.

Both for rent, buy a house to rent when for rentto rent the old house are popular. Usually the lender is not informed by the landlord, writes De Hypothekekshop.


However, the advisors signal a greater consumer need for flexible mortgage products that enable their own home and short- and long-term rental.

With all of these private investors in the real estate market, starters are more and more behind the net. A self-use obligation, as in some communities for some houses, and a higher transfer tax for investors from 2021 should change this.