November 29, 2020


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Henk Krol wants to continue in politics after leaving his own party

Henk Krol wants to continue in politics after leaving his own party

Photo: ANP

Henk Krol enters the elections with his own party after leaving the party for the future. Krol confirms a message from RTL Nieuws in this regard. Krol announced on Sunday that he would be leaving the party he founded in May of this year.

He leaves this party after a dispute with the former board member of the Forum for Democracy, Henk Otten. He and Krol decided to move on together earlier this year. Otten was expelled from the Forum for Democracy after a conflict. Krol left 50PLUS with the doors slamming, for which he was the figurehead for years.

Party chairman Otten has expelled a board member from the party. Krol then asked Otten to resign, but there was no answer, says Krol. The former figurehead of 50PLUS also says that an employee “has been seriously threatened by one of the senators”. According to Krol, it’s also about Otten wanting to be number two on the electoral list in order to take power after the elections.

Otten continues with the party for the future, and Krol decides to continue as well. The previous Sunday he said he wanted to think about it. “There are almost 250,000 people who have placed their trust in me,” says Krol about the preferential votes he received in 2017 as party chairman for 50PLUS. In addition, 98 percent of the members wanted him again as party chairman, he emphasizes. “As long as my health allows, I have to mean something to these people.”

For the time being he will continue as “List Henk Krol”, but “a title is already in preparation”. In the meantime, a website is set up and Krol can “move on”. After hearing that he was still pulling the plug from his collaboration with Otten, he said he was “bombarded with positive e-mails. Sure enough, there were twenty fools among them, ”but the fact that he received so much support makes him want to vote in next March’s elections, says Krol. “I don’t do it for the job, I do it for these people.”