October 27, 2020


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Heathrow Airport calls for tests of passengers from vulnerable countries

Heathrow Airport calls for tests of passengers from vulnerable countries

Holland-Kaye made the case when announcing Heathrow Airport’s financial results, which saw passenger numbers fall by 96 per cent in the second quarter. In the first half of this year, Europe’s largest airport suffered a pre-tax loss of EUR 519 million. Passenger numbers fell by 60 percent to 15.4 million.

“Today’s results should be a clear appeal to the Government: the UK needs a system for checking passengers and fast. Without them, Britain only plays a quarantine roulette.” According to Holland-Kaye, European competitors are in terms of passenger testing.

Holland-Kaye welcomes the quarantine-free flights that the UK government has been allowing from several predominantly European countries since the beginning of this month, but which cover only 30% of destinations accessible from heathrow international. Passengers from most other countries must also be quarantined upon arrival.

An alternative to quarantine for COVID-free passengers from these countries should be a priority for the government, the airport director said. “Pre-flight tests for passengers from high-risk countries allow for the resumption of long-haul flights, which is crucial for the UK’s economic recovery.”

Holland-Kaye tells the Reuters news agency that passengers have to pay for the Corona test themselves. The cost of this is around 165 euros per test.