January 16, 2021


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Health Council advises on Pfizer vaccine – kup.co.in

Health Council advises on Pfizer vaccine - kup.co.in

Photo: ANP

At the end of Thursday afternoon, the Health Council will provide further advice to the cabinet on corona vaccinations. The council previously gave preliminary advice on the administration of vaccines against corona in general, now it focuses on Pfizer’s vaccine, which has now been found safe, effective and also approved for our country.

If the Moderna vaccine is also expected to be approved, probably on January 6th, a separate notice will be given, as will any subsequent suitable vaccines. Each subsequent council examines how and for whom the new agent can best be used.

The Health Council pointed out in mid-November that if a vaccine against corona is used, the elderly and the sick should be injected first, but healthcare workers with direct patient contact should also receive an injection early after this advice, as they have a higher risk of infection. It has now been decided that nursing home nurses will be the first to receive a call. The injection begins on January 8th.

A choice must be made as there is not enough vaccine for everyone immediately.