October 30, 2020


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Harley-Davidson cuts jobs, replaces finance director

Harley-Davidson cuts jobs, replaces finance director

Photo: ANP

Motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson cuts 700 jobs. The American company also wants to replace its finance director. The interventions were intended to help the troubled group find its way back to the top. According to the network site LinkedIn, the group currently employs more than 8,000 people.

The job cuts will reach 500 jobs worldwide. The remaining jobs will be cut on the domestic market. Harley Davidson had previously announced that 140 jobs would be lost at factories in the states of Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. This would be necessary because the production of engines is currently lower due to the coronary crisis.

The job cuts this year will result in a cost of 50 million dollars, partly due to severance payments. Most of them will be on the books in the second quarter.

In addition, Finance Director John Olin, who has worked at the engine manufacturer for 17 years, will resign immediately. He will be replaced by Darrell Thomas, who is currently in the financial sector at Harley Davidson.

The interventions come from the new CEO Jochen Zeitz, who took over the Group in May. Prior to that, he was a director at the sports shoe brand Puma.