January 25, 2021


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Halsema: Let’s keep our spirits up

Halsema: Let's keep our spirits up

Photo: ANP

In a letter to all Amsterdam residents, Mayor Femke Halsema calls on them to adhere to the stricter corona measures and to retain their courage.

“The new measures to contain the virus are a painful step backwards for all of us, but there is no other choice. We have to do everything we can to prevent many, especially older and vulnerable citizens, from getting very sick or even dying again, ”says Halsema.

She says she understands that it is not easy and that a lot of emotions are released: “Doubt, sadness, frustration, sometimes anger. These feelings are understandable. After the lockdown in the spring, we have to experience everything all over again, and maybe not for the last time. This is sometimes to make you desperate. “

“But now we have to try to be strong, keep our courage and support one another. We want our normal life back as soon as possible and we also want our city back: this free, lively place where we meet. So we have to persevere, even if it’s not easy. I wish you a lot of patience, courage and strength, ”said the mayor’s encouraging words.

Amsterdam is currently the largest corona fire in the Netherlands.