May 17, 2021


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Groninger Bodem Bewegungsing: Houses declared safe way too early

Photo: ANP

Houses in the earthquake area in Groningen are declared to be safe far too early in the new agreement that the regional administrators concluded with the government on Friday. “While the reinforcement work has barely got off to a good start, the work is already being completed,” says the Groningen soil movement (GBB). GBB and the Groningen Gasberaad are also of the opinion that too little has been done with the comments made by the action groups on the draft agreement.

Groningen will receive more than 1.5 billion euros in addition to combat the consequences of earthquake damage in the province. This amount consists partly of compensation for Groner, who had to wait a long time for clarification about the repair of possible damage to their houses. “With the money, the residents can get their own situation under control and control it so that they can live in a safe, sustainable and future-proof house,” said Interior Minister Kajsa Ollongren.

The GBB thinks it is too early to assume that there will be no more major earthquakes when the gas supply is shut down in 2022. “The offer to residents for this reason, not to increase, brings in a lot of money for the government and the NAM,” says the movement, which speaks of a “savings agreement”. The Gas Council believes the deal resembles a “final deal”. The king’s commissioner, René Paas, disagreed on Friday: “This criticism is completely wrong. This is a big step forward in a big way. This money does not replace the previously promised amounts, but is also available to people in the earthquake area who have not received anything before. “