October 23, 2020


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Greenpeace is taking KLM to court over state aid

Greenpeace is taking KLM to court over state aid

According to Greenpeace, they are supported by 75,000 people in the action. “We want the cabinet to use the crises billions for a green and fair future. The support package for KLM must be dropped in this form. If the government does not do this this month, then we will go to court,” said the environmental organization.

According to Greenpeace, KLM has no serious climate plan.

However, the way in which KLM is presented by the organization is not entirely in line with the measures taken in Amstelveen. For years, KLM has topped the list of airlines that focus on sustainability. For example, more efficient airplanes are used, flown on biofuel, and electric transport is used on the ground. In 2019 KLM announced that it would be flying less on the Brussels – Amsterdam route and booking passengers on the Thalys.

In 2019, KLM called on partners, employees, passengers and competing airlines to jointly develop initiatives to make aviation more sustainable. “We can only really make progress if we work together as an industry,” said Pieter Elbers more than a year ago. At that time, the aviation sector accounted for two to three percent of man-made CO2 emissions worldwide. KLM, which announced in 2019 that it would invest in a biofuel factory and a study on a very efficient aircraft, wants various parties to join forces in what is known as the Fly Responsibly initiative.

Fly responsibly
“Sustainable development in aviation is not just a relevant topic for one airline. We can only really make progress if we work together as an industry. With the launch of the Fly Responsibly initiative, we therefore invite everyone to participate in our CO2ZERO program for CO2. Compensation free of charge and without the use of branding and to become a partner in our BIO fuel program for companies ”, reported the KLM CEO in 2019 in an interview with Luchtvaartnieuws Magazine.