January 25, 2021


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Google is pumping a billion dollars into collaboration with publishers

Google is pumping a billion dollars into collaboration with publishers

The American internet giant Google will invest one billion dollars (around 850 million euros) in partnerships with press publishers worldwide. CEO Sundar Pichai reported this in a blog post on Thursday. The initiative also affects Belgium, added a spokesman. He does not mention the names of Belgian publishers as the negotiations have not yet been concluded.

Google will pay media companies through a financial commitment – “our biggest yet” – to create and select “quality content” for an online news experience, the CEO says.

Pichai is also talking about a new Google product, Google News Showcase. It will be available in Google News for smartphones with the Android operating system, followed by Google News for iOS, the operating system for Apple’s mobile phones. Over time, the news product will also be available via classic search (Google Search) and Google Discover, which will propose a personalized flow of information to the user.

According to Sundar Pichai, Google has already signed an agreement with nearly 200 publishers from Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Great Britain and Australia. These are titles like Der Spiegel, Stern or Die Zeit.

Negotiations are still ongoing in other countries, says the CEO. It affects our country and the Netherlands, for example, but also India. France is not mentioned. Right now there are difficult discussions between Google and publishers about copyright. The head of Google France says there are also talks with the southern neighbors for the new initiative.

In June it was announced that Google will pay for journalistic articles in Germany, Brazil and Australia.

Google has been under pressure from news providers and government agencies for years to handle news articles and to have a strong influence on digital advertising. Facebook is also under fire for this problem.