January 24, 2021


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GGD Zuid-Holland Zuid starts vaccinating a few days beforehand

GGD Zuid-Holland Zuid starts vaccinating a few days beforehand

Photo: ANP

A few days earlier, GGD Zuid-Holland Zuid will start vaccinating medical staff in the Deetos sports hall in Dordrecht. According to the GGDZHZ, the preparations are going so well that it was decided to start on January 15 instead of January 18.

The GGDZHZ is one of the 25 injection sites where healthcare workers can be vaccinated against the coronavirus. It was announced on Saturday that people who work in acute care will be vaccinated against the coronavirus as soon as possible. These are nurses and doctors who work in the intensive care unit, in emergency care or in the corona, but also, for example, ambulance staff.

From January 4th, health workers will be invited through their own employers to schedule an appointment for vaccination through the GGD. You can make an appointment using a national phone number. The national call center will make the first appointments on January 15th. Healthcare workers can choose which region they want to be vaccinated in. However, vaccinations do not start before or on January 15 in all regions.

According to the GGD, the vaccine is given twice, 21 days apart. This means that health professionals who register will receive the first vaccination shot in the period of vaccination weeks 1-3. You will receive the second injection at weeks 4 through 6 inclusive.

The first cycle ends on February 26th due to the earlier start. At this point in time, all health care workers in the ZHZ region received two vaccinations.