October 28, 2020


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“Germany pays IC care for European corona patients in German hospitals”

"Germany pays IC care for European corona patients in German hospitals"

Germany will finally bear the costs for corona patients from the Netherlands and other EU member states who have been treated in German hospitals. Speakers from the German and Dutch health ministries speak out against this Kup.nl.. It is millions of euros. The German Health Minister Jens Spahn calls the allowance an example of solidarity. “Europe is united, especially in times of crisis,” he said earlier.

During the corona pandemic, Germany took care of 58 Dutch corona patients for months, as the intensive care units in the Netherlands threatened to become overcrowded. Most of the patients ended up in hospitals in North Rhine-Westphalia, just across the border.

Germany was able to help these patients because Germans have 30,000 intensive care beds, more than anywhere else in Europe. Germany also seemed to have the virus outbreak under control quickly.

In addition to Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish and Belgian patients were also admitted. Foreign Covid patients were probably cared for with a total of around 20 million euros. In April, Spahn said his country wanted to pay health costs. Formal confirmation was not provided but was recently sent to EU member states.