January 16, 2021


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FVD: Try to hack the referendum on Baudet

FVD: Try to hack the referendum on Baudet

Photo: ANP

There have been “multiple hacking attempts” to influence the “binding referendum” on the position of the Forum for Democracy’s flagship Thierry Baudet. The party reports this on Twitter. The reports that the referendum can be hacked and voters do not remain anonymous are “false,” says FVD. “The member advice is going well.”

The referendum was organized in a very short time, which raised doubts about safety among some members. Experts reveal weaknesses in the referendum system on Twitter. For example, anonymity would not be guaranteed and parts of the system would appear to be visible that would normally not be accessible to users without special rights.

BigPulse, the company that supplies the voting software, “constantly monitors the progress of the elections and guarantees the security of those elections,” said FVD. The hacking attempts have so far failed, says the party. FVD reports hacking attempts.