December 1, 2020


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From December 1st, fashion boutiques want to “sell by agreement”: …

From December 1st, fashion boutiques want to "sell by agreement": ...

An earlier sale of fashion boutiques by appointment can help avoid flooding the shopping streets from December 13, says Mode Unie.

Photo: DBA

Due to the second lockdown, boutiques will have to close their doors by December 13th. As a result, the winter season threatens to turn into a disaster after the summer season. In order to save a little before the winter sale arrives, Mode Unie (Unizo) asks the federal government to allow sales by agreement from December 1st. “A good thing for public health and the survival of our industry,” says director Isolde Delanghe.

The numbers don’t lie: 2020 will be an absolute disaster year for fashion stores. The summer season was already falling apart. September and October weren’t very good, although hopefully losses have been down a bit compared to last year. But now the independent boutiques are finally allowed to cross the winter season. “Allowing customers to pick up orders in-store is a small boost, but it is by no means enough to avoid red numbers. Nothing can be changed about that. But whether the numbers in the fashion sector turn red or dark red, the government can still do something about it, ”says the industry association of the Fashion Union.

As? “By allowing sales by agreement from December 1st,” says Isolde Delanghe. “Because if the boutiques are only allowed to reopen on December 13th, barely two weeks before Christmas and New Year’s Eve, there is a double problem. It’s going to be upside down in the shopping streets because everyone wants to buy packages quickly, with all the public health risks that come with it. On the flip side, the boutiques are missing out on two of the major sales weeks in the winter season and only two remain to be sold at full margin before winter sales begin on January 2nd. Margin that the boutiques now urgently need in order not to go bankrupt. “Mode Unie will shortly present its plan to the responsible ministers Clarinval (MR) and Verlinden (CD & V).