October 20, 2020


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Frisian business software manufacturer Speedbooks to NPEX | Financially

Frisian business software manufacturer Speedbooks to NPEX | Financially

Founded in 2009 and based in Heerenveen and with clients such as Pathé and Q-Park, the company is granting a subordinated bond loan with a term of five years and an interest rate of 8.5% per year in order to increase its market share in the Netherlands.

The company of the founding director Lume Paulusma claims that now more than 10,000 organizations and 60,000 administrations use its software system, mainly SMEs, self-employed, accountants and administrative offices. The Speedbooks allow them to prepare their own annual accounts for filing with the Chamber of Commerce, which would mean a significant difference in accounting costs.

The Frisian company has an annual turnover of around 2.5 million euros, according to director Paulusma it can quickly grow to 5.6 million euros thanks to expansion.

The Nederlandsche Participatie Exchange (NPEX), which was founded in 2008, started electronic day-to-day trading for stocks and bonds from listed Dutch SMEs last summer from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. E-commerce has increased liquidity when investing in companies, says NPEX, which should add to expected € 35 million revenue growth.