October 28, 2020


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Four out of ten self-employed people fear for the…

Four out of ten self-employed people fear for the...

Nearly four out of ten newly created self-employed workers (39 percent) say their business is at risk from the Corona crisis. This is shown by a survey by the personnel service provider Acerta among 1,023 self-employed people who started their business six months to a year and a half ago.

When asked “Is your company’s survival at risk from the coronavirus?” 9.8 percent said it was “very much.” A further 9.1 per cent of self-employed people see their activity as “highly” threatened and 19.9 per cent “on a reasonable scale.” Six out of ten start-ups fear “not real” (36.8 percent) or “not at all” for their survival.

Almost as many newly created self-employed workers (62.7 percent) say they have a sufficient financial buffer to deal with the Corona crisis. Moreover, some self-employed workers did not pay off themselves in the main occupation: 27% in March and 29.7% in April. For 37.4 percent, the Corona crisis was no reason to adjust one’s own pay, while others did so in March (32 percent) and April (35 percent) with slightly less pay.

Bankruptcy without measures

The start-up barometer also shows that the aid measures have paid off as a result of the Corona pandemic. For example, 21.1% of self-employed persons say that they have gone bankrupt without these measures.

Moreover, 58.5% still appear to be convinced that they will become self-employed. Before the Corona crisis, this figure was significantly higher at 88 percent. The stress of the self-employed is therefore reaching its peak: 72% are now affected, compared to 52% before the crisis.