October 28, 2020


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Four independent associations with 100,000 members join forces

Four independent associations with 100,000 members join forces

“Organizations dealing with the self-employed are very fragmented,” says Charles Verhoef from Zelfstandigen Bouw. “As a result, we have too small an individual voice for the traditional polder parties to make decisions that affect the self-employed.” As an example, the ONL chairman Hans Biesheuvel cites the compulsory disability insurance, which serves as a means of exchange in the pension contract. “We don’t want to experience that anymore. It shouldn’t be talked about, but with self-employed people. “

Front shapes

The four organizations combined have approximately 100,000 members. “You shouldn’t ignore that,” says Verhoef. “Although there are still many members to be recruited from among the 1.3 million self-employed.” In addition, the association’s door is open to other organizations. “We want PZO and FNV Zelfstandigen to come to us so that we can form an even stronger front,” said Biesheuvel.

The association will have its own chairman who does not come from one of the four parties. “We are in talks with a candidate who will be the face in The Hague on behalf of the self-employed,” said Biesheuvel, who expects to be able to announce the name soon.


At the same time, the VZN will publish a manifest in which the essential points are set out. Both Biesheuvel and Verhoef say it wasn’t really difficult to reach an agreement with the four organizations.

Verhoef: “Everyone uses their own tone, but we don’t differ that much in terms of content.” Biesheuvel emphasizes: “We all support Borstlap’s analysis, which is already a solid start.”

Legal status

The most important point for the VZN is a clear definition of the person who is self-employed. Biesheuvel: “The self-employed must have an anchored legal position with clear tax framework conditions and rules.

Verhoef agrees: “In discussions about the DBA law, the web module, the minimum rate and the approach to dummy constructions, the question always arises as to whether someone is an employee or not. The question must be whether someone is self-employed or not. However, you can only answer that if the self-employed have their own legal position. “