January 25, 2021


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Fortnite Maker loses another lawsuit against Apple

Fortnite Maker loses another lawsuit against Apple

Epic Games has once again not forced Apple to bring its popular shooter Fortnite back to the App Store. A federal judge in Oakland, Calif., Denied the game maker’s request to restore the deleted game for the time being and allow Epic to use its own payment option.

In August, Apple removed Fortnite from its app store. This happened a few hours after Epic developed a new payment system for mobile gamers. With this new system, Epic attempted to bypass certain mandatory transfers to Apple. Apple also closed Epic’s account. Epic filed a lawsuit against Apple for alleged abuse of power through the 30 percent commission the tech company charges on every purchase from the App Store.

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It’s the second setback for Epic in its litigation against Apple, in which the game maker claims that Apple operates its app store as an illegal monopoly because developers are not allowed to make their iPhone and iPad apps available through their own websites. Instead, Apple only allows downloads and payments through the App Store and charges 30 percent of the purchase price.

Both parties are expected to be on trial again next year.

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