January 19, 2021


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Former FVD party leaders have decided against a referendum action

Former FVD party leaders have decided against a referendum action

Photo: ANP

The former party leaders of the Forum for Democracy in Overijssel and Utrecht, Johan Almekinders and Wouter Weijers, as well as the former candidate for parliament, Jan-Cees Vogelaar, are not bringing an action against the party because of the consultation of the members.

“With the holding of a so-called binding referendum yesterday, a political fact took place within the FVD. The party has become an empty shell. A lawsuit with an empty shell makes no sense, ”the trio said in a statement on Saturday.

They announced the lawsuit on Friday when the referendum was already underway. According to the three, a proper referendum could not be held because, among other things, the party’s membership lists were not in order. There was also no independent supervision by a notary.

The controversial consultation of digital members on the party leadership began Thursday evening at 6 p.m. and ended 24 hours later. Founder Thierry Baudet won by force majeure. He received more than three quarters of the vote. More than 37,000 of the more than 45,000 members voted.

Almekinders, Weijers and Vogelaar will now support a lawsuit that FVD member Floor Drost has filed against the board. “Within the FVD there are critical members who still value the fact that the board is accountable,” they write in the statement. Her lawsuit is bundled with that of Drost.

In recent weeks, a large number of representatives and candidates have broken with FVD and Baudet. They were angry because not enough measures were taken against right-wing extremist and anti-Semitic statements in the youth club JFVD. Baudet would also have made such statements.