October 20, 2020


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FNV wants contract and repayment for Deliveroo drivers

FNV wants contract and repayment for Deliveroo drivers

The FNV union brings the food delivery company Deliveroo to court again. FNV requires a permanent contract for two food suppliers. In addition, the union believes that delivery workers should receive backward wages based on the collective agreement for professional freight transport.

In 2017, Deliveroo decided to only hire self-employed deliverers. According to the company, deliverers have been given much more freedom to add substance to the work themselves. However, in 2019 the judge ruled that the Deliveroo deliverers are fake self-employed and should be paid according to the collective agreement.


“It’s not just about money. It’s also a certainty that you get,” says Debbie Berendsen, one of the two delivery women who is now demanding a job with the help of the FNV. “The disadvantage of self-employment is that you don’t get paid if you’re sick or have an accident.” Even if it works, it remains uncertain. “Sometimes the customer cancels the order in the meantime, then you get nothing.”

A treaty would remove this uncertainty. Berendsen would also benefit financially. Now it delivers pizzas, Indian curries and sandwiches in Arnhem for sometimes 4 to 5 euros per trip. “As a food supplier, you work a lot in the evenings and on weekends. Then you receive benefits in accordance with the collective agreement.”

“Majority wants independence”

In addition, the food suppliers are not entrepreneurs, says FNV director Joris den Ouden. “They cannot negotiate their tariffs and Deliveroo determines how they should do their work. That means that they are not an entrepreneur and therefore not an employee because the labor law no longer has taste.”

A Deliveroo spokesperson says the FNV is ignoring the fact that the vast majority of deliverers want flexibility and independence. The company has therefore appealed the 2019 court ruling. This appeal will be filed on September 11th.