October 30, 2020


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Flemish government comes with lifeline for event sector: …

Flemish government comes with lifeline for event sector: ...

Flanders will support companies that organise events. It amounts to 60 percent of the costs, at least 25,000 and up to 800,000 euros. If the event is cancelled due to the Corona crisis, the organizer may not refund this amount. That’s the message Time Friday.

With this support, the Flemish government wants to prevent companies from organising events for fear that they will lose costs. The government has prepared a decision that has yet to be approved by the European Commission and has allocated a budget of EUR 50 million. The measure applies only to businesses in the Flemish region, but can also be used for events in Brussels.

By linking progress to a project or event, the government hopes that not only the organizers, but the entire supply chain will be supported. It has been shut down almost completely since the lockdown. Small events with indoors and outdoors up to 400 participants are allowed. The government proposed doubling these caps in August, but was not considered because of the virus’s flare-up.

This is an additional sacrifice for the industry, which has reported a 90 percent drop in sales for almost 20 weeks. Three quarters of the employees are still temporarily unemployed. 8,000 jobs were lost, a fifth of the total workforce. One in four companies fears bankruptcy.

According to the decision, companies are twice as likely to apply. In September there will be a call for events until the end of this year. In October there will be one for the events in 2021. The latter is important as companies will only benefit from the measure if they can work effectively.

The industry begged for perspective on Wednesday because there is still no prospect of a date when more freedom is allowed for events.