October 30, 2020


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Flemish government builds Techpoot in Silicon Valley and Tok …

Flemish government builds Techpoot in Silicon Valley and Tok ...

The Flemish government is using the technology more strongly in its foreign network. Flemish Science & Technology Offices are being created in ten major tech cities, from Tokyo to Palo Alto. De Tijd reported on Thursday.

Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) will become a bit more Flanders Investment & Tech in the coming years. It is expanding its presence in ten cities that are important for technological development.

CURRENTLY, FIT already has offices in 100 foreign cities. The aim is to promote the export of Flemish companies and to direct foreign investment to Flanders in the opposite direction. In this mission, the technology will be more central in the coming years.

This is why an additional “technology attach√©” is appointed in ten cities. These are people who have technical knowledge in the areas of digitalization (from blockchain and 5G to fintech), health (from biotech and pharmaceuticals to telemedicine) and climate (from energy to cleantech and mobility).

Of the ten seats that are fit, a technology office is being built, two are in the United States, four are in Europe and four are in Asia.