January 16, 2021


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Fire letter: Baudet was “sick” against Eerdmans

Fire letter: Baudet was "sick" against Eerdmans

Photo: ANP

Former FVD leader Thierry Baudet protested against number four on Joost Eerdmans’ list of candidates on Friday during a meeting with party leaders. “There was a tense atmosphere. Baudet fell seriously ill against Eerdmans, ”writes FVD Senate member Nicki Pouw-Verweij in an urgent letter to the party’s executive committee, which is owned by the ANP.

According to Pouw-Verweij, Baudet laughed at anti-Semitic and homophobic expressions in app groups from members of the youth movement. The Senator writes: “I pointed out that I thought we should not tolerate anti-Semitism or National Socialism. Thierry then asked, “Where did your crusade against anti-Semitism come from?” I stated that everyone was against anti-Semitism after all, and he said, “almost everyone I know is anti-Semitic”. It was asked if he was joking, but he denied it. I said at the time that even if you are in favor of absolute freedom of speech, it is very stupid to put the Holocaust into perspective in an app group with relatively strangers, and we should still kick them out for being stupid and harmful behavior. Thierry then said, “You’re not stupid, you just have a very high IQ so that’s why you say these things.”

In addition to differences in the strategy to be followed in the upcoming elections, there has been widespread astonishment at a number of Baudet’s conspiracy theories. Pouw-Verweij writes: “At some point Thierry shouted out that Corona had been brought into the world by George Soros and others (‘I won’t say who, because then Nicki will consider me an anti-Semite’) in order to take our freedom and begin new world domination. He shouted that Hillary Clinton “and the pedophiles” had failed, but that it would now work through “Cijona”. “

“At the meeting, Eerdmans presented the top 5 program items with which the FVD should distinguish itself in the campaign. Baudet wanted to concentrate primarily on the subject of “freedom” and how this affects the measures relating to Corona. Opinions on it varied and the discussion was heated. Thierry eventually stated that he would accept three million deaths if it saved our freedom, ”Pouw-Verweij said in her letter.

Baudet received questions about the letter on the RTL program Beau on Wednesday evening. He spoke of “stupid allegations” and denied having any anti-Semitic or racist views.