October 26, 2020


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Farmers from the North on their way to the protest in De Bilt

Farmers from the North on their way to the protest in De Bilt

Photo: ANP

Dozens of farmers from the north of the country set off for the protests in De Bilt on Wednesday morning. They drive in a slow convoy on the roads. Regional coordinator Lucinda de Haan of Farmers Defence Force would not confirm whether they will also drive slowly on motorways. “We want to be on time and continue without a point of contact. The atmosphere is friendly and everyone has the goal in mind: to draw attention to the feed measure and to apply it to double standards by the RIVM,” says De Haan.

About 100 farmers from Friesland, Kop van Overijssel and Flevoland had gathered in the village of Bant in the Noordoostpolder. Many farmers have tied to the roof of the car to toy tractors. Along the way, they want to draw attention to the action. According to De Haan, they are disappointed that they are not allowed to come with tractors. The Utrecht security region had banned the use of agricultural vehicles during the protest.

From Drenthe there are about seventy cars on the way to De Bilt. They gathered in Geesbrug (municipality of Coevorden) and Hoogeveen. In Rogat near Meppel, a bus will be on its way to protest at around 10 a.m.