October 28, 2020


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Farmers end protest at Schiphol airport and return home

Farmers end protest at Schiphol airport and return home

Photo: ANP

The farmers who protested at Schiphol airport on Friday evening have left. A police spokesman said. “The action is over and they are all on their way home.” According to him, no fines or arrests were made.

Police had previously been on the scene with several units on the access roads to Schiphol Airport to end the protest. “Tractors are not allowed at the airport for security reasons and are stopped,” police said.

A group of farmers made their way to the airport on Friday evening in tractors to demonstrate against feeding measures. A spokesman said there were “several dozen” tractors. They dissolved into groups and did not always follow the instructions of the authorities, which led to dangerous traffic situations.

The farmers themselves reported on various live streams about the action. It turned out that a group had gathered in a parking lot and had spoken to the police.

The farmers had already driven to Schiphol airport on Wednesday evening. Even then, the police stopped several dozen farmers who were driving tractors on the Loevesteinse Randweg near Schiphol. After consultation with the police, the group was turned over.