October 31, 2020


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Farmers’ Action in Varsseveld and Raalte | Domestic

Farmers' Action in Varsseveld and Raalte | Domestic

According to the newspaper De Gelderlander, 130 to 150 tractors are on the A18 to the house of Johan Vollenbroek of the conservation organisation Mobalisation for the Environment (MOB) in Nijmegen. MOB is the organisation that successfully challenged the Dutch Nitrogen Policy, the Nitrogen Approach, PAS programme, to the Council of State.

Police can’t confirm they’re going to the house and can’t say which way they’re going. But keep an eye on everything that remains safe.”

Farmers are also campaigning at the Jumbo distribution centre in Raalte (Overijssel). We are talking about 50 to 100 farmers. The atmosphere is quiet.

Cow Diet

Farmers are angry at the government’s plans to reduce nitrogen emissions, such as a proposal by Agriculture Minister Carola Schouten to reduce the amount of protein in feed. According to the demonstrative farmers, this would have a detrimental effect on animal health.

In the safety regions of Groningen, Drenthe and Friesland, the demonstration with agricultural vehicles is prohibited. That will last at least until next Monday.

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