October 26, 2020


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Facebook denounces “too personal” requests from European university…

Facebook denounces "too personal" requests from European university...

Facebook denies some of the questions raised by the European Commission as part of an antitrust investigation. Some of the European applications would be irrelevant or relate to the private lives of workers. The American internet giant announced this on Monday.

The company says it will continue to work with authorities. “But the extraordinarily broad nature of the commission’s investigation means we need to provide them with documents that have nothing to do with the investigation,” Said Facebook’s Tim Lamb. The Commission would ask questions about particularly sensitive information from Facebook employees, such as medical or financial data. “We believe that such applications should be considered by the European courts,” lamb says.

The Financial Times wrote on Monday that Facebook had now gone to court against the European Union itself. The company accuses the EU of violating the privacy of its employees.

Facebook has 315,000 documents in the antitrust investigation this year, according to data.