January 18, 2021


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Facebook Bans Military Language To Prevent Voter Harassment …

Facebook Bans Military Language To Prevent Voter Harassment ...

Facebook has announced that it will remove posts with military language such as “army” or “battle”. The social network implements this rule to prevent intimidation of voters in the run-up to the US presidential election. ABC News reported this on Thursday.

Monica Bickert, Facebook’s content manager, announced that the company would be removing controversial videos, such as a recent one in which President Trump urged an “army” of supporters to go to polling stations.

The rule does not apply retrospectively, so the video in question stays online. Civil rights activists have already heavily criticized the video as a shout of aggression and an attempt to influence the voting process. “With the new guideline we would remove such a video immediately,” Bickert confirmed to journalists on Friday.

According to Bickert, calls to citizens to go to polling stations will also die “if the intention is to intimidate, control or show power”.

Facebook also plans to ban all political and political advertising after polling stations close on election day. The company says that “it will contain potential confusion or abuse.” Facebook had previously announced that it would not accept any new political ads in the seven days leading up to the November 3rd election.

The social networking site has also banned a pro-Trump campaign aimed at deceiving voters. It was compiled by the marketing agency Rally Forge, which has now also been denied access to Facebook.