January 22, 2021


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Explosion in the Polish supermarket in Tilburg

Explosion in the Polish supermarket in Tilburg

Photo: ANP

In Tilburg, an explosives went off in a Polish supermarket on Paletplein from Sunday to Monday, the police reported. There are no known injuries.

The store was “completely destroyed” inside by the fire that broke out after the explosion, says a spokesman for the Central and West Brabant security region. In a nearby apartment, windows in storage rooms on the ground floor were also broken.

The supermarket in question is not called Biedronka, said the spokesman. At the beginning of December, three Polish supermarkets with that name in Heeswijk-Dinther (Brabant), Aalsmeer and Beverwijk were quickly hit by an explosion. There were two explosions in Beverwijk within a week. The shops are not part of a chain, they just have the same Polish name.

The emergency services are on site at Paletplein and police specialists are investigating. The Explosives Clearance Service Defense (EOD) was also commissioned. The explosion took place around 3 a.m. The store is in a separate building near a shopping mall. “There’s not much damage in the shopping center,” says the security region. The building itself was badly hit. It was a heavy blow. “

The police are looking for witnesses. “There is an ongoing investigation into whether the owner of this supermarket has anything to do with these three others,” the security region said.