November 29, 2020


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“Expensive motor vehicle liability insurance often does not cover better” | money

"Expensive motor vehicle liability insurance often does not cover better" | money

SNS numbers in the study with the lowest annual premium on average (average € 327), followed by Vereniging Eigen Huis and ZLM. Aegon (€ 574) and Nationale-Nederlanden (€ 562 for policies through an advisor) follow a long way off. The last resort is de-kilometer insurance with a policy that aims to drive little (€ 760).

According to the union, expensive insurance certainly doesn’t necessarily offer better coverage. “For example, a 40-year-old man from Amersfoort with five damage-free years pays 26 euros per month for the insurance of his 6-year-old Volkswagen Polo through Allianz Direct. In Nationale-Nederlanden he pays 54 euros, ”the union states. “While Allianz’s reporting in the study received a better rating (8.1) than that of Nationale-Nederlanden (7.2).”

The insurance policies all cover the same basis, namely damage to others. The differences are in the conditions such as acceptance criteria, premium accrual and the effect of claims for damages (bonus-malus). But also in terms of notice periods, additional cover and provisions for a second car in the family.

Hema and InShared achieved the best results in terms of conditions (8.6). They have a broad underwriting policy and – for third party reporting – relatively extensive support in the Netherlands and abroad. There is also a wide range of additional coverage for both.