February 24, 2021


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Expensive fake police number removed | money

Expensive fake police number removed | money

The Consumer Watchdog announced this on Wednesday.

The service forwarded callers to the police for a fee. In retrospect, however, they faced high costs.


“This is of course harmful for the caller because they are more expensive than necessary. But that also bothers the police. We protect people from being misled when using forwarding services, which is why we intervene. “

The provider has now ended the service. The offering of freight forwarding services is not prohibited, but the advertisements and websites must make it clear who the provider is, what the service includes and what the cost is.

Call costs

Whenever someone calls a forwarding service, the caller should be told the identity of the provider, that there is a forwarding service and the cost per minute or per call.

If you want to call the police but don’t have an emergency, you can call 0900-8844 (0900-TUIG). This costs 2.8 cents per minute with a start rate of 9.51 cents.