October 26, 2020


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“Even more and permanent money for performing arts and festivals”

"Even more and permanent money for performing arts and festivals"

Photo: ANP

A further EUR 19.5 million is to be added annually for the performing arts, for producers, but also for festivals across the country. This is calculated by the organization The United Performing Arts Festivals, which hopes the House of Representatives will come to the rescue. Subsidized festivals are affiliated with the interest club.

The cabinet has already put forward support packages to reduce the needs caused by the corona crisis. According to De United Podium Arts Festival that was “obviously great” but “doesn’t guarantee the structure in the long run”.

According to the club, in order to keep the performing arts alive in the various regions while also providing a future for new businesses, it is necessary to financially support all companies rated as good by the performing arts fund. Now there is no money for certain companies that are still valued by the fund that has had to spend less. Especially in this corona crisis, they have “no plan B”. According to the organization, 15.8 million per year are required to remedy this.

The cultural council, which advises who should receive a direct subsidy from the government, rated many more festivals as positive than the eight who can hope for a financial contribution from the national pot. These eight also did not receive all of the requested funds. A lot of suffering can be alleviated here with 1.7 million.

In addition, there should be space for fifteen festivals in total. The association emphasizes that many people only get to know the performing arts at festivals. Currently, another 2 million should be allocated to other festivals, although fifteen can never be served with them, says the advocacy group, who also understand that not everything is possible at the moment.

On Budget Day it will be clear what the government will take from the recommendations for cultural subsidies, and the House of Representatives will meet on this in November. In addition to funding, there is also much discussion about the current system. Many think it’s up for renewal, including MPs.