January 19, 2021


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European Parliament adopts 2021 | NOW

European Parliament adopts 2021 | NOW

The UK government makes the following statement:

“We have regained control of our money, our borders, laws, trade and our waters. The deal is fantastic news for families and businesses across the UK. We have the first free trade agreement to be free from tariffs and quotas . ever achieved with the EU.

“It is the largest bilateral trade agreement ever signed by either side, with a trade value of £ 668 million (EUR 745 million) in 2019.”

“The agreement also ensures that we are no longer in the EU’s gravitational field, that we are not bound by EU regulations, that the European Court of Justice does not play a role and that all of our main goals of regaining our sovereignty have been achieved. that we will have full political and economic independence from January 1, 2021. “

“A scoring immigration system will give us full control over who enters the UK and end the free movement of people.”

“We delivered this major offer in record time in the UK under extremely difficult conditions. The agreement protects the integrity of our internal market and Northern Ireland’s place in it.”

“We have completed Brexit and can now take full advantage of the fantastic opportunities we have as an independent trading nation and negotiate trade agreements with other partners around the world.”