November 1, 2020


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Etienne Davignon leaves Brussels Airlines

Etienne Davignon leaves Brussels Airlines

The 87-year-old Etienne Davignon enters Brussels. “My job is done, having started the company and saving it twice,” Davignon, who has not been chairman since April, said in an interview with La Libre.

Etienne Davignon was the founder of SN Brussels three years later, after the insolvency of Sabena in 2002, together with Maurice Lippens. The two then managed to get Belgian investors on board to throw a new airline out of the ground. Since then, Davignon has been chairman of the company, which has since been acquired by Lufthansa. In April, he resigned as chairman after 18 years, but remained a member of the Board of Directors.

Count Etienne Davignon is a centipede. He was already a diplomat, managing director of the Foreign Office, EU Commissioner and influential shareholder of the football club RSC Anderlecht. To La Libre explains why he will not be a member of the new Brussels Airlines Board of Directors. “My job is done, the company is founded and saved twice.”