January 24, 2021


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Entrepreneurs receive tax deferral for property tax …

Entrepreneurs receive tax deferral for property tax ...

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Photo: Ruben De Keyzer

Flemish entrepreneurs are given an extension until April 30th to pay their property tax. The Flemish Finance Minister Matthias Diependaele reported this on Thursday.

Diependaele has instructed the tax authorities to block the assessment notices for the tax year 2020 for companies. Companies have the option of deferring the payment of property tax due and paying in installments of their choice. You have until April 30, 2021 for this. Until then, no interest is due.

“Together with the Flemish government, we want to prevent unpaid bills from piling up,” says Diependaele. “That could create a domino effect. If Company X can’t pay its bills to Company Y, both companies could get into trouble. “

Voka: “Welcome and necessary support”

The Flemish employers’ association Voka is satisfied. “Postponing the payment of property tax by four months is a welcome and necessary support for severely affected and closed companies,” tweeted Voka CEO Hans Maertens.