February 24, 2021


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Energy supplier Mega “surprised” by …

Energy supplier Mega "surprised" by ...

Utility company Mega is surprised at the announcement that the Inspectorate will examine its policy on dormant contracts. We work in accordance with the law, the company reacts. It also says it has an action plan to improve transparency.

Earlier this week it was announced that the federal government has asked the Economic Inspectorate to investigate Mega and its dormant contract policies. Among other things, the company would attract customers with low prices, but after the contract period would automatically transfer customers to a new, up to 30 percent higher price.

Mega emphasizes that it is compliant with the law. From February 1st, the tariffs calculated by the energy supplier will also be published on the official comparison sites (of the regulators such as Vreg and Creg).

The company also refers to a study by the federal regulatory authority Creg at the end of last year, in which Mega was described as a significantly cheaper supplier – “specifically about 15 percent cheaper” – than the main market participants “including the renewal rates”.