January 20, 2021


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“Employment 4 percent higher than Corona” (Acerta)

"Employment 4 percent higher than Corona" (Acerta)

In July, 4.2 percent more people were employed than in February, the last month before the corona crisis in our country. This comes from a sample of 32,000 employers by Acerta. “The system of temporary unemployment due to force majeure due to corona has kept employment in our country at a level,” concludes the HR service provider. Regular employment – excluding temporary unemployment and student and flexi jobs – was 97.5 percent in July of the level in February.

The safety net of temporary unemployment has had the greatest pressure, says Acerta. In July, an average of 3.3 percent of the number of working days were missed, half the percentage in June. This, while temporary unemployment also halved in June compared to May. “These are of course only average values, the situation is by no means the same for every company,” emphasizes Nele Mertens, legal advisor at Acerta. “And the fact that July is a holiday month will also have a positive impact on the numbers of temporary unemployment.”

Influx of self-employed

The corona crisis also had a significant impact on the self-employed: while the influx in the first three months of the year was higher than in the same period of the previous year, the number of new self-employed fell sharply in April and May. There was significant growth in June: the inflow was more than a fifth higher than in the same month of the previous year, and the increase continued to a lesser extent in July.

“Based on the numbers from June, we can conclude that people with start-up plans have been waiting for the jump, but have not definitely been put off,” says Katrien Jonckheer, Director for Starters and Self-Employed at Acerta. “Interested parties have seen that the government is also thinking of the self-employed. That the safety net in the form of the bridging loan is a valuable safety net there. This has certainly positively adjusted the perception of self-employment and lowered the threshold for the step towards independence. “