October 27, 2020


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Employer: Obligation to check staff if there is a suspicion of corona

Employer: Obligation to check staff if there is a suspicion of corona

Stakeholders are responding to the mandatory quarantine proposed by Minister Hugo de Jonge for Public Health for anyone who has been near a corona patient for more than 15 minutes.

Business owners fear that the new directive will result in a significant increase in the number of home-based workers. “Not everyone can work from home, and the bill for this lies with the employer, who still has to pay the wages,” says Jacco Vonhof, Chairman of MKB-Nederland. According to him, many companies are struggling enough during the corona crisis. “We can’t afford to have large groups of people sitting at home unnecessarily,” he says.

Employers would therefore like to be able to oblige their employees to be tested for the corona virus quickly. Even if they return from so-called orange or red areas. “Those who are not infected do not have to stay at home and can go back to work,” says Vonhof.


De Jonge wrote in a letter to the House of Representatives on Tuesday that someone would have to be in quarantine for two weeks if an investigation by the GGD reveals that he or she has had contact with someone infected with the coronavirus. All that remains now is urgent advice.

Compliance is checked, says De Jonge. “Anyone who does not comply with an imposed quarantine measure is committing a crime.” The stricter rules should come into force in the middle of next week.