October 26, 2020


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Employee Deen receives a corona bonus | Financially

Employee Deen receives a corona bonus | Financially

According to the supermarket chain, employees had to deal with a much higher workload. In addition to their normal activities, for example, they had to disinfect shopping carts and talk to customers if they did not agree with the corona measures. In addition, the employees had less freedom of movement due to the distance of one and a half meters.

The Deen family and the management of Deen Supermarkets “have watched with great admiration how the employees have overcome this difficult period for more than six months,” they report. Deen supermarkets, which mainly has branches in North Holland and Flevoland, employs almost 9,300 people.

Deen initially wanted to wait for an industry-wide reward, but now that there is none, the company is taking an initiative for the bonus, according to the trade magazine Distrifood.