October 30, 2020


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Emirates returns to Schiphol with Airbus A380

Emirates returns to Schiphol with Airbus A380

During the low point of the corona crisis, the airline did not carry out any passenger flights to Schiphol at all. Regular service with a Boeing 777-300ER resumed in June, and now demand is increasing to an A380.

However, the capacity is far from the old level. Before the corona crisis, Emirates flew up to three times a day with passengers to the Dutch airport, including twice with the A380 and once with the Triple Seven. Now it remains for one flight a day for the time being.

The plane, which landed in Schiphol on Saturday afternoon, has registration A6-EVJ and is only one year old. There is space for 516 passengers on board. 14 of them can take part in luxury first class, 76 in business class and the rest in economy. Due to the corona, not all facilities are available on board.

A total of two companies are now using the A380 to Schiphol: in addition to Emirates, China Southern Airlines. The Chinese have been using the guy on the Guangzhou route for several months. This has happened twice a week recently.

Test obligation
As of today, Emirates requires its passengers to be tested for the Corona virus before the flight. Previously, this was allowed upon arrival at the airport. The test obligation applies to passengers with a final destination in Dubai and those who only change there.

Anyone infected with the Corona virus during the trip will be reimbursed by Emirates. In the worst case, society even pays the funeral. She hopes to convince doubtful travelers to get on the plane.