December 3, 2020


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Elbers: The way is now free for the minister to evaluate the aid package

Elbers: The way is now free for the minister to evaluate the aid package

“The last few days have been incredibly difficult and difficult for many colleagues. The last few days have felt like the last page of a bad chapter. And I am talking about the enormous pressure on our company, the worrying impasse that arose on Saturday, the attention for it. in the media. It was anything but good for the reputation of KLM and its employees. Mutual tension between colleagues is also not good for internal solidarity. Let me emphasize that leaflets, intimidation or insults against one another are completely unacceptable! not the values ​​that we stand for as a company and as colleagues. We will continue to take action against them, “writes the CEO, who faces the most difficult task in his long career at KLM.

Extreme situation
“I realize that this is difficult and needs to be adapted and understood by everyone. None of us have experience of this extreme situation, not as management, not as a union, not as a government and not collectively. After an incredibly intense couple of days FNV yesterday (Ground and Cabin) and today also VNV (Vliegers) signed the so-called “commitment clause.” A suitable solution has been found for these unions without changing the commitment clause and the contribution to the terms of employment Conditions of employment of all KLM employees during the term of the support package (estimated 5 years). The result is that now all 8 unions have signed the “commitment clause”. As a result, KLM has met an important condition together with the unions, “said the CEO of KLM.

After a turbulent weekend, Elbers is now asking the employees to interact with each other like family after a stressful time. Speaking and showing respect for one another and then moving on together, that’s what he wants.